Hello & welcome to the Blue Mountains Marathon Clinic.

We’re a super-friendly bunch of social runners based in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. 

We’re adventurous, outdoors-loving, coffee-obsessed guys and gals of all abilities – from podium finishers to back-of-the-packers.

We run in the bush on marked (and sometimes not-so-well-marked) trails from Lapstone to Blackheath, and beyond. We run in groups because we love a chinwag and, frankly, it’s safer.

Our runs are free. And always will be. 

And, before you ask, we’re not actually a Marathon Clinic, although many of us run marathons.

So, why a clinic

BMMC began as a tongue-in-cheek parody of a very serious running club.  At the time (waaaay back in 2007), many running clubs published their results in The Sydney Morning Herald, which got us thinking… if we had an official-sounding name, could we get away with publishing our not-so-competitive results?

Turns out, we could!

Seeing our names (and seriously slow times!) in print each week filled us with smug satisfaction.

Since that time, our little group of mates has grown into a sizable community of likeminded misfits.

And although we no longer publish our results in print (who reads newspapers theses days, anyway?) we chose to keep our serious-sounding name.

Run with us!

If this sounds like fun to you, we invite you buy our awesome BMMC gear*, contact us and join us for a run and some seriously good coffee. 

* BMMC gear will make you run faster... we hope ;)